Capitalising on my ram...


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Back to running Windows-7-pro. Still more solid than 8.1 or beta-10.

I have 16-gigs of ram on the board. Windows-7 sees it, but I often wondered if it actually uses it. I had the pagefile at 12-gigs. So I did a test.

I moved 38-gigs from one sata drive to another sata drive. The desktop gadget All_CPU_Meter_V4.7.2 showed ram at 14%, and pagefile at 16%.

Windows-7 wants at least 1.6-gig pagfile. So I "customed" the pagfile to 2-gigs, low and high. Rebooted and tried another test.

I moved 55-gigs from one sata drive to another. Pagfile went up to 18%, BUT ram went up to 26%..!

Am I wrong in this observation as to how make more use of the ram on the board........?


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if you watch the Resource monitor you get an idea on how Windows uses RAM (especially if you swap a file from one drive to another). Windows uses the memory to keep your most used apps at the ready so they are almost instantly available when needed. It does this by keeping them in a cache in the RAM and usually Windows users think their RAM is being used excessively but it's simply normal operation. In regards to the Pagefile, I've always found that if one keeps to the recommended amount you won't be far off. Here's a screenie on how to access the resource monitor: