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I have installed packetfence using the ZEN preconfigured version on VMware. Can anyone tell me what i need to configure as i don't think i need to configure everything that is shown on the pdf user guide.

Let me explain what i am trying to achieve.

I have a number of Draytek 2862Ln model firewall routers in various shops up and down the country. I want to configure a guest wifi on all those routers. the Draytek Routers has an option for "captive portal" and "MAC authentication". The idea is if a customer goes to 1 shop and connects to the guest wifi on the draytek they will see a splash screen asking them to login using facebook or google and then they will have internet access.

If they then went to another shop they would simply connect to the guest wifi and have internet access they would not need to enter their facebook or google details again as their MAC address of their wireless client will have been captured by Packetfence when they previously connected at the other shop.

I have attached screenshots of the Draytek Web GUI and packetfence. I think i just need to enter the packet fence server IP and thats it. The problem is what do i need to configure on Packetfence GUI.? captive portal ? or radius? or both?

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Then all the firewalls would need to either share the same authentication database or you'd have to sync those databases. Whether that's possible or not you'd have to consult the firewall or packet fence documentation.

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