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    Hi there,

    Not too sure if this is in the right section but i am not too sure where else to put it.

    Computer specs:
    Aspire X3812
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    Intel Core2 Duo CPU E7500@2.93Ghz
    2.00GB Ram

    Basically, I have installed various games on this desktop computer since i bought it and added various music CDs. However, some games will not show up when the disk is put in the computer. When i first got the desktop i installed a couple of games which worked well for a time but one day i put the disk in and it doesnt show up in My Computer. When i put the disk into the drive and open up My Computer, it shows that there isnt a disk in the drive and if i click on the icon it says "Please insert a disk into Drive E:". Today, i tried to install GTA IV but it just didnt show up and the setup box did not pop up.

    I can however, run some older games which do not have a problem when the disk is put in and are recognised straight away. Anyone know what might be happening? Is it a software problem or is it the computer itself?

    Would really be appreciated if i could get an answer.



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