Change Default Icon For A Specific Extension ONLY


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Is there a way via RegEdit to change the icon normally associated with, for instance, *.LOG files WITHOUT changing the icons of all other text files? I used to be able to do this under Windows XP, under the Filetypes tab of Folder Options, but since Vista came out that option is no longer available to Windows users. I currently use a third-party solution to specify filetype icons, but if I use it to make *.LOG files use a different icon, then all the other file extensions used by Notepad will show the same icon, which defeats the whole purpose. I want log files to display a different icon than that used by plain-text files because I use them to record timed events and entries by the simple expedient of making the first line of the file:
Then, the next time I open the file, the system date and time is automatically appended. I need a discrete icon for these specially-purposed files. Now, I could go into the registry and create a DefaultIcon key for *.LOG files, but A) I don't know how, since the entries I find for Notepad don't have anything to do with filetype icons, and B) Would it still do what DefaultPrograms Editor does and change the icons for ALL the extensions handled by Notepad? Anyone out there know of a RegEdit solution that would do what I want? I know how to specify different icons for different drives in RegEdit, even virtual drives, and I'm thinking that a similar approach might serve this end.

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