Change the appearance of how Windows 7 loads up

Is there a way I can change the appearance of how windows load up before you see the logon screen? I want to see another loading screen instead of the default screen with the green bar moving up to load. Is there a way?


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Although not a popular solution, because it is commercial software, Stardock's ObjectDesktop may provide you with this ability.

Green bar? You have the Vista boot loader. Run the startup repair from the Windows 7 DVD to get the Windows 7 start video.

It is a regional setting issue. You can fix it in other ways too, with commands.

To change the video all together, use something as Mike kindly suggested, of course.

Hello Mike! ObjectDesktop doesn't show that it can change the appearence of wondows loading. It can change the way the logon screen appears but im looking for the way windows loads up where you see that green moving bar. lol I just would like a different look if it is possible.

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