Changing user Privileges in Windows XP system

I have a Windows XP system that I still use off-line for a few tasks. I am the only user of it and my account is listed in Windows as an 'Administrator'. However, when I try to load programs onto it, I get a Windows error message: "The installer has insufficient privileges to access the directory". (e.g.: C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.) "The installation cannot continue. Log on as an administrator."

Since I am already logged on as an administrator when using that PC, how can I fix it to give the installer all privileges?

Thanks for the quick post holdum333. I downloaded (on a separate PC) the advisor, which I'm trying to run, but I also get the same 'Privileges' request when I try to install software for creating an image of the system.

I'll try downloading the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor directly onto the XP system and see if that will work.

Hi Your welcome! Not sure I understand. You said you are using the XP off line? I'm thinking you have to be on line to get the W7 advisor to run!
What software are you trying to install to create a image? Are you using media on a disk to install the image software?
Been a long time sense I ran XP. Hopefully other members will join in!;)


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First off is the application designed to work on Windwos XP, second you can try run procmon Process Monitor

  • Run procmon
  • Run the installer until it generates the error
  • Click on Procmon and press (ctrl + e) to stop capture
  • Save the capture as a PML file and zip it and upload it here for analysis


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No, procmon captures, file, registry and network operations and it's good for tracking problems such as permission problems.

Sorry for the confusion holdum333. I can connect the XP machine to the Internet, but obviously do this as a minimum since Microsoft stopped XP support. I have just connected it and downloaded the Windows 7 checker directly, but I get the same 'privileges' block as before when I try to install it. (I also get the same 'privileges' block when trying to install / run Imaging s/w such as Clonezilla, ODIN, DriveImage XML & AOMEI Backupper with the install files on an attached hard drive (USB connection)).

I'll investigate the procmon route suggested by Neemobeer and see what that 'throws' up. I could also swap out the HDD temporarily and replace it with a clean empty alternative (I have a couple of old spares) and try loading a fresh copy of Windows 7 on that. That would check the PC out for Windows 7 capability (or not - I suspect my graphics card may not be up to supporting Windows 7).

Hi I prefer Macrium Reflect for my imaging program. I'm guessing that those image programs you tried are no longer supporting XP and I doubt if Macrium does either. It's going to get harder to find programs supporting XP IMHO. It would be great if you could image your XP rig
Good luck! Let us know how things go!
Silly question is it XP3
Download Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - MajorGeeks

I tried to run procmon but Windows said it didn't recognise the word 'procmon'. (Or Processor Monitor.) Does it have a different name in Windows XP, or (if my installation in not 100% - which I suspect) does this mean it's missing?

You're right holdum333, Macrium Reflect doesn't work with XP. However, I do use it with my Windows 7 HP Netbook; it's great. But I did find PING (running on a CD) made an XP image - but I haven't tested re-installing from it yet. (I'll put a different blank HDD in before I do that, just in case it doesn't work!)

I guessed it might be an app but I was hoping in might be part of Windows XP. (If it had been, it would have jumped into life when I entered procmon in the Run box.) I'll download and try running it on my XP system, but I notice on the Processor Monitor web site it states it is for Windows Vista & higher. (Although this could just apply to the version run online from

PING (which stands for Partimage is Not Ghost) is an imaging program. (See The disk-based version is written in Linux and runs outside of the OS - which is probably why it's the only imaging app that's worked with my version of XP. (p.s. The reference to Not Ghost is a 'jibe' against Norton Ghost.)

HI! I know nothing about Process Monitor. That's @Neemobeer's suggestion. I'll Google PING. I love my Macrium Reflect. If You can't run it, I'm thinking your XP's OS is corrupted. Linux doesn't need a Hard drive and runs off RAM is my understanding. I have a Linux program on a disk that I can run. Have you ever ran a chkdsk or a sfc /scannow? I have found that Macrium won't run if the Hard Drive has a lot of bad sectors or corrupted files! Good luck!

I'm sure you're right in that my XP OS is corrupt in several places. I have tried running chkdsk and that asks for the insertion of the XP SP3 disk! I think I might have one somewhere since the system was originally a Windows 98 machine that I upgraded to XP. I'm in the process of sorting out loads of old CDs / DVDs so hopefully it will turn up amongst them. I tried to run procmon.exe, but that reported that the file was not a valid Win32 application. (The error was probably caused by XP corruption.)

Incidentally, the only reason that I'm trying to get it sorted out is that I have a FireWire card in it and a suite of Pinnacle Studio programs (that run on XP) that I use with my old (but very good) Panasonic video camera which has direct Firewire out. I'm yet to find a current video input / editing program / hardware box that can handle Firewire signals. (Pinnacle used to make an external one and occasionally you see them on eBay.)

I can of course take analogue RGB signals from the Panasonic camera and convert them back to digital with a number of software programs, but you loose resolution that way. (Going Digital - Analogue - Digital.)

I have a couple of XP2 disks that were given to me some where. I would have to search for them also. Been awhile sense I've messed with XP.
I wish you good luck. This gives you some thing to do. Maybe you could find a disk on E-Bay!

I've now been through all my disks and not found an XP install disk. The conclusion that I've come to is since the PC in question was supplied with an OEM version of Windows ME (for which I do have the repair disk) Microsoft must have offered an ME to XP upgrade.

I've found an XP disk on eBay (it's supposed to come with a Microsoft key - I might need to use it) so hopefully I can use that to sort out the corrupt files.

Hi Howard! Sounds like a plan!;)

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