Windows 7 Checking In: Gov Maharaj - Shimming the World, Dreaming in Assembly

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    Gov Maharaj is a developer on the Windows Compatibility team. You know Gov from the popular C9 show, Defrag. He spends most of his time solving problems reported by customers over the phone, in email, or via automated telemetry data. Gov is one of those people who makes work-a-holics feel as though they aren't working hard enough. Gov works ALL the time. He's one of the most prolific posters on a few of our internal Windows-specific email discussion lists, helping folks with coding issues or troubleshooting hard-to-figure-out Windows errors reported by customers. From a code perspective, Gov spends most of his time reading and writing assembly, but he does dabble in the higher level stuff like C and C++. Gov's team is in the business of writing effective compatibility shims for Windows code, ensuring code will run as expected (if possible) across versions of the OS. You'll learn a lot about this art in this conversation.
    This is a great episode of Checking In with Erik Meijer -> Classic Channel 9! Thank you, Erik and Gov, for an excellent conversation.
    Tune in.


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