Chkdisk scan problem

There is a problem with my computer after i did a 5 hour chkdisk scan for errors. After the scan was over and had logged into windows, I have noticed that in "My Computer" there are 2 new hard drives partitions made. The first partition is "local disk F" and the second partition is "system reserved E". Where did these 2 partition came from?

Prior to the chkdisk scan, my computer was set to raid 1 configuration (2 hard drives set up as one), but suddenly after running chkdisk scan, as stated above, i see 2 new partition. The problem is that the chkdisk scan messed up my hard drives. I no longer running on raid at the moment.

I remember yesterday i had a virus effect on my computer. I had completely scanned everything and then my computer worked fine afterward. I'm thinking the virus could had made some of my files corrupted, and is probably created those 2 new partition.

What must i do now? Is there a way to delete those 2 partition? I'm thinking about reformatting, but I have a lot of files and they wont fit into a 700MB writable data CD for back up. Some DVD that support data can hold up to 4GB but i don't have any of them tonight. What should i do? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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You can try the system restore option listed in above to backup maybe before the virus. Make sure you scan completely afterwards
Hers is another option to getting that thing off there and run it even if you use system restore McAfee Threat Center
With a virus all fixes bets are off on fixing things afterwards
After this make sure you start using backups to external drive of some type if you can get back


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It's likely that those two drives existed all along, they were jsut hidden. System reserved could be an OEM factory reset drive, But I have no idea about the other Local Disk..


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System reserved is normally the small 80 to 200mb partition Vista/Seven creates when you install them. Most likely with raid off you now see this exact image of first drive with it's 2 partitions. There is a way to not create that small partition but must be done when installing.
The other drive is most likely the 2nd raid drive you can now see.

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