"Choose program you want to open this file"

I got my PC infected with some spyware and virus from online.

I used avast and AVG to get rid of the virus.

Every time I try to open any program, my PC asks me to "Choose the program you want to open this file". So I have to go to run as administrator and use the file. I tried to go to Control Panel and try using the Add/Remove program to check if there was any program I can use to fix this problem. But none of the programs in the Control Panel work.

even if i try running regedit, a message comes up saying "C:Windows\regedit.exe Application cannot be found"

i tryied a system restore, but there was an error message for that too, i just dont remember what it said

This happens for each and every application in the Control Panel. The next thing I tried to do was go for the Desktop properties. By right clicking on the desktop, I go to properties. It says the same thing.

this is the website i went to inorder to remove the virus i had
Remove Win 7 AntiMalware 2010, removal instructions

I do not want to reboot the entire system as I would lose many important files and softwares from my school. Please Help!!!!PLEASE !!!!

Try different AV engines, preferably in Safe Mode :

(do not install them all at once though)



It'll take time of course.

i dont think that matters, the virus is already removed. i have run scans from mcaffee, AVG apy doctor, and avast

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