classic start menu after 8.1 spring update


I have recently updated to the spring update in windows 8.1. I thought that they would include the classic start menu feature in this update. wasn't it so? Is there any way to set it without any third party application?



No on both. Although there is some talk to bring it back in either Windows 8.2 or Windows 9. In the meantime those that wish to have the look and feel of windows 7 chose a 3rd party app. The top 2 are Classic Shell (free) or Start8 (trial/paid $4.99).



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They are talking about this hybrid start for the next release. The pictures I saw had a left pane like in Windows 7 and a right pane with a bunch of tiles that looked like a W8P start. It looked actually quite good and should work for mousers and touchers.

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