Clean install wrong bit


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Ok I did a fresh install and now it is in 32 bit some how it switch to 32 bit when I had 64 bit. Question is how do I get 64 bit back. I try the tool but it will not work that way. Any help would mean a lot thank you.


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You will have to fresh install the 64-bit version.


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Question is how if I can't use the 64 bit tool to get the 64 bit iso?

Paul Simpson

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That happened to me as well. I downloaded the 64bit tool, and it installed a 32bit OS. How I do not know but I had to reinstall my win 8, update to 8.1 then re-download the 64bit tool and start again. I was so confused as to why my programs that worked on my insider builds would not work. Anyway thats how I did it, someone may know a better way round your problem.

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