Windows 7 Cloud Cover Episode 36 - Mark Russinovich Talks Fabric Controller and Cyber Terrorism

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    Join Wade and Steve each week as they cover the Windows Azure Platform. You can follow and interact with the show at @cloudcovershow.

    In this episode, Steve and Wade are joined by Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow at Microsoft, as they:

    • Discuss Mark's new book, Zero Day, and his role on the Fabric Controller team in Windows Azure
    • Discuss new leadership in Microsoft's Server and Tools Business
    • Explain the reason for the refresh to the Windows Azure SDK 1.3 refresh
    • Share the Windows Azure AppFabric CTP February Refresh announcement
    Cloud Cover has been nominated for a "Niney" award in the "Favorite Channel 9 Show" category. If you're a fan of the show, vote for us!

    Show links:

    Microsoft Appoints Satya Nadella as President of Server and Tools Business
    Windows Azure Software Development Kit (SDK) Refresh Released
    New Version of the Windows Azure Service Management CmdLets
    Windows Azure AppFabric CTP February, Caching Enhancements, and the New LABS Portal
    Managing the SecureString in the DataCacheSecurity Constructor



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