Windows 7 Mark Russinovich and Aaron Margosis: Introducing Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference


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Many of you use Sysinternals tools to help you manage computing responsibilities ranging from monitoring/understanding process activity with Process Explorer to debugging Win32 code with DebugView. With over 70 utilities to choose from, Sysinternals tools cover a wide swath of computing, from the lowest levels to the highest.
For the first time, we now have a definitive guide to all of these tools: Windows Sysinternals Administrator's Reference.
Mark Russinovich, Technical Fellow working on the managed cloud OS kernel—you know this as the Windows Azure Fabric Controller—is the primary author of these powerful tools. Aaron Margosis, meanwhile, is a Microsoft Consultant and Sysinternals user with expert-level knowledge and experience using Sysinternals tools. They are an important part of his job. Aaron yearned for a book that encapsulates detailed information about all of the Sysinternals tools. Mark agreed and asked Aaron to coauthor it with him—be careful what you ask for!

Here, we talk about the book, Mark demos a really cool new Sysinternals tool for GPU analysis that's not in the book, Charles randomizes the conversation, and we head all over the place (taking advantage of having Mark's undivided attention!) and even geek out a little on security. If you use Sysinternals tool, then this conversation is for you! Truly incredible work. It's hard to believe that for Mark this stuff is just a hobby.

Tune in.


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I been waiting for this for a long time.

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