Clunking sound from DVD Drive when booting up and waking from sleep mode

This isn't really a big problem, but I just wanted to ask...
Every time I boot up my computer or wake it from sleep mode, my DVD drive makes a clunking sound as if it's checking for a disc. I was wondering whether it's possible to make it so that it won't make the clunking sound. Does it have to do with the type and maker of the DVD drive?
The reason that I don't like the sound is because I usually use my computer at night and the sound is rather loud and I'm afraid of waking other people up. If anyone has any suggestions, please help!


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Yes, it has to do with the model and make of the Drive.
It could indicate a failed laser, where you would try to get a spindle/hub/lens-cleaning kit or just get a new DVD drive.

Or it could be normal and just a Power On Self Test sound.

OK, thanks. But is there any way to turn of the self test function? Or is it easier just to get a new drive?


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If it's so loud, you are afraid of waking people up, I don't think that's normal. If it's a new drive, contact the place you got it from and have it exchanged, even for a different company. If it's old, I myself would just get a new one. Drives are very cheap.

OK, I'll run over to the local electronics store and get myself a new DVD Drive... Thanks for all the help!

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