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OMG. Last Friday we had a horrendous storm through the country where I dwell. The aftermath was chaos in the electrical/electronic sector. I lost the internet connection (with many others) and my telephone. Only yesterday did I get a rigged partial restore, with my connection only at half speed. I realised, over that 5 day period, how compulsive my reliance on using the internet. I was wandering around , wondering how to fill the day! What a pathetic attitude!!!
Hehe... I know the feeling Dave. It's awful when you lose access to the internet and as you say it makes one realise how reliant we are..
When I got hit by lightning a week or so ago I was only out for about 24 hours.
I was going stir crazy by the time the guy got here with the new router.

I don't know what I'd do without the internet, I might have to actually go out and interact with real people!
That's scary!

Without me Amazon's stock would go down. LOL

seriously we all without internet is like fish without water.... it is very hard to spend a single minute without internet....
I have an app on my PC and Android phone called PDANet 3.5. This allows me to tether my PC to phone to gain access to the internet. Since I have unlimited data, this works well as a stop gap measure. It does rely on cell towers working however so if they go down and stay down, I just have to move, LOL
Bit hi tech for me? My internet works on my telephone line, also provided by my ISP. If that's down (as it was), I have no access anywhere.
After the event, I feel like complimenting my telephone company, though. They were up at the house, checked all my extensions and pronounced everything in order. They came back with a signal detector and started working from the closest junction, about 400mtrs down the road. Eventually they discovered the break was in my yard, about 10 mtrs from where it entered the house. Quick dig and it was rejoined in 10 minutes flat. How the H*** a lightening strike could do that to the underground wire, in that particular place, is a mystery to me!
Hi Dave.
I'd say you can count yourself lucky that you didn't have any physical damage to your personal equipment.
I remember where I used to work we had two buildings connect by underground copper that ran under the parking lot. When we had a particularly bad electrical storm a lightning strike down the street in the park would result in damage to serial ports on the computers that were connect from the one building to an old HP main frame in the other. And the serial port cards would have to be replaced. Why it just impacted the client computers and never the server, I have no idea, maybe something to do with the mineral content of the ground and how the electricity would travel from the point of origin to the buried copper.
So after a couple years of dealing with this problem and many serial cards we pulled out the old copper, pulling in some new fiber optic cable converting both ends back to copper inside the buildings and never had the problem again.
All in all I would say you are pretty fortunate and additionally received some pretty good service from your provider.
I am thinking my good fortune was opportune.
For years, I have had down/upload speeds quite a lot less than contracted. queries, visits moans etc, went over the top of my ISPs head, with various feeble excuses. Since the lightening strike repair, I am up to full speed. I suspect I have had a faulty line where the break occurred, for some time. It may be that weak part of the wire which saved my computers.