COmputer Crash, Must reinstall Windows each time.

This problem started several weeks ago, and I am unable to resolve the issue.

Computer Specs
WIndows 7 Ultimate x64
Wolfdale 3.0ghz Dual Core
4gb 800mhz ddr2ram
Nvidia 9800gtx+
Seagate Barracuda 500gb hd

Several weeks ago I was playing Skyrim on the release date. I played for about 40 minutes, and I went to quick save and my computer froze. I restarted to the screen saying an error occured due to a recent software or hardware change. I had to run windows repair to try to fix the issue.

Startup repair failed, I ended up erasing the partition and reinstalling windows. I was slowly reinstalling programs when everything I had open (mozilla, various driver installations, etc) slowly started to freeze and say not responding. After a few minutes of this the computer locked up again, I had to reboot using the power button, only to find that windows was unable to load again, and startup repair was not working.

I reinstalled WIndows 7 for the third time. I ran Prime95 all night. I could hear the CPU fan running in the middle of the night, so im sure it was working. In the morning I checked my computer only to find it had froze again, I hardbooted, and windows was unable to start again.

Again I reinstalled windows, made a memtest boot disk, and ran it overnight. In the morning I checked to find no errors.I exited memtest and windows started to load, but it was becoming stuck on a black screen with my mouse being the only thing visible.

I'm not sure what else I can test. I used Seagate's HD checker and speedfan to check my HD and there were no errors present. Every time my computer froze windows was never able to start and my only option was to reinstall windows on my 50gb partition on my HD. I am not sure what this problem could be and I would really appreciate some help.

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