Windows Vista Computer lock ups, need help. At wits end.


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I have had this issue for a few months now (around November) and I have tried almost everything i can possibly think of to try and resolve it, but to no avail. I have replaced almost every piece of hardware in my PC except RAM and Hard drive itself (under warranty), did a system recovery to manufacturer setting (I have a Dell so i cant reformat with the disk), but i still encounter the issue to some extent.

What happens is that while using my PC (usually watching video online or playing games) My computer will lock up and freeze. I still have control over my mouse, however any program I am currently using does not respond. I cannot exit them, I cannot CTRL ALT DLT, I cannot shut down and am forced to hard reboot. This issue only occurs maybe once a week. (Although when i had my PSU and motherboard replaced it used to happen every day. I thought replacing them fixed it at first, but it only occurs less frequently now, although the lock ups still occur).

After replacing most of my hardware components/doing system recovery, and still having the issue occuring, I figured that it may have been a software/driver related issue. So i did a clean uninstall of my driver, even using the Driver Sweeper program hoping it would fix it, and installed the lastest video driver. Tried doing a clean reinstall of Adobe Flash and Java (in a desperate attempt) Hoping for a fix, but to no avail. The problem still persisted. I ran programs like CCleaner thinking it was a registry error and hoping it would fix it, but it did not. I ran a CHKDSK maybe thinking their were bad sectors in my hard drive, there were 0 bad sectors detected and everything seemed normal. (I am using a RAID 1 (mirrored) if it matters). Ran stress tests on my hardware components for the hell of it, they all checked out fine. I dont think its overheating as i keep track of PC tempertures normally with HWMonitor and I am not overclocking.

I am in desperation to try and resolve this issue. :(

I attached a dxdiag incase it is asked for and i will post anything else that is required to try and resolve this issue. Any support towards this issue is GREATLY appreciated as i have no where else to turn. Not even the Dell Tech Support service seem to know what is causing this issue.

PS: I am going to throw my 2 cents out there and wonder, since prior to replacing my PSU and motherboard (since this issue occured more frequently with the ones that have been replaced) that maybe i had a surge issue with the old PSU and might have effected my RAM, which i have not replaced under warranty yet. But would a bad stick of RAM not show and issue for an entire week before acting up?

Also worth noting that ontop of my PSU and motherboard being replaced that i also had my video card, fans (cause why not?), and processor replaced under warranty as well.


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What about the classic: heat? Core Temp will show you temps. You don't mention your CPU, but I know that AMD processors have a heat sensor, most probably Intel processors too, to close down the system if the processor goes too hot. By improving your system you may have increased the heat output while at the same time not improving the cooling.

This is quite a guess. But true hardware and software issues usually occur quite instantly, or suddenly, randomly. Your problem appears after "playing a while", or "watching movies", both rather rough on the video card, and the CPU as well = actions causing heat.

I'd say: do a "house mother vacuum cleaner" treatment. :)
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Thanks for the replay!
However, as mentioned I really dont think it is a heating issue. I like HWMonitor over Core Temp, because it shows energy regulation as well as temps for video card, processor, even motherboard. I dont think its dust either, as I have replaced the video card about a month ago and I dust the inside casing out regularly. My temp on my video card usually doesnt go anywhere above 70 degrees, and it can handle 100 before shut down. Same with my processor.

But you are right, i forgot to list my specs. Opps.
Radeon HD 5870
Intel I7 920 2.67 GHz

Any further assisstance would be greatly appreciated.
You can download memtest to test out your ram to see if there's any issues there.