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Windows 7 Computer settings won't work properly with P11


New Member
Jun 10, 2013
I'm using the turtle beaches right now, On my Ps3, my turtle beach amplifier works fine but on my computer, I can't figure out why the game volume on the amplifier isn't working.

I have the P11, the turtle beaches that works for PC and PS3, I was about to play a game that I usually play, when I got done logging into the game, all of a sudden, the game volume stopped working on my amplifier. I think its the sound settings, not sure what the problem is.

On my PS3, both chat volume and game volume works fine.
On my PC,I have to use chat volume to turn everything down or up, even on skype, If I were to turn up the volume on my friend, it turns up the games volume or the music's volume I have on my desktop.