Computer will not boot up

When i boot up my Pc it will not go past the name of the motherboard and when i press delete it will not go into the Bios screen after a long period of time it loads to my desktop and works ok but if i shut it down i get same problem.I have replaced graphics card checked the ram,hard disk has no problems,if the motherboard is faulty how can i check it.


New Member
Go to the company
Or go to nearest computer service station to check it

Regarding my Pc boot up problems they started from the time i downloaded and ran registry booster which i have now uninstalled and a full refund has been made,now my motherboard has now been rendered useless and i cannot use my pc I am not saying registry booster caused my motherboards damage but it does seem a coincedance it has now failed and i iam using my sons laptop to post this message,however i will never download any future registry boosters.

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