connecting another pc by crossover ethernet cable,, Host pc is connected to home wifi network but no

Hi All seems am missing something here,, my host pc is connected wirelessly via a dlink air plus usb adapter to my home wireless router and i am trying to connect another pc in my home office via a Ethernet cross over cable to share the internet connection i have changed the settings to share info and allow others etc in the dlink wireless adapter network and i have a unidentified network on the second pc but no internet connection.
the Ethernet card in the host is nvidia nforce and the second pc is a broad com.
Do i have to enter enter any static ip address to either network card and make any adjustment to my main router settings to allow a connection ?¿?¿ Helpppp!!!!

Both pcs are running win 7 ult. host is 64 bit and the 2nd pc is 32 bit. is there any one out there that has had a try at going through this set up?¿? any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards firepin


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Because you are not connecting directly to the router your second pc will not be assigned an IP address using DHCP. You should set the IP address and subnet mask to one which is compatible with the LAN and also the DNS server address to the IP address of the router.

Thank you Pat for your reply solved the problem about five mins a go, I have bought another dlink wireless adapter and all is well and I am minus the crossover cable clutering up the place should of gone down that road in the first place.

Regards firepin

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