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I recently installed windows 7 on my Hp laptop computer and then was unable to connect to the internet with that computer, (not the one I'm using right now). I tried to figure out what happened, but without being able to connect, using that laptop, was unable to have the problem diagnosed by Microsoft, or anyone else, for that matter. Therefore I'm asking you if windows 7 is not compatible with my Hp Pavilion dv7, which came with windows Vista? And/or, can you assist me with my problem?


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Right Drew,. you shouldn't have to setup anything.

Go to Start > Run,. and type ipconfig /all and post the results back here.

ipconfig /all?

After finally finding the run window, I ran ipconfig /all, but all that happened was a DOS type window appeared on my screen, for a split second; then nothing. I did this twice, with the same results.

Additional information: I have cable and a wireless network in my home, and can not access the internet using either one of these mediums, when before I installed win 7 (upgrade), there was no problem. Also, prior to the installation, whenever I was on the road, I had no trouble whatsoever, connecting to various hotel's internet networks.



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You can't access the internet via wireless or ethernet?
What exactly happens when you try to?


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Sorry,. first type cmd,. then ipcofig /all

Even though a wireless or other nework is available and appears to be working on the computer, for an unknown reason "windows can not access the internet," via these means.



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That great news


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This is starting to seem like more of a software issue rather than a hardware issue.
Could you provide us with the model of your networking cards? (Start>>devmgmt.msc>>Network adapters)

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