Connection to television stopped working


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Can anyone help with this please. My connection via a cable ( sorry dont know the name of the plug type) was working then stopped. The tv screen shows the screensaver from the computer, even when its you tube showing on the computer screen. Evidently some info is getting across the cable, but its not the screen saver I want to watch.
Thankyou in advance and \I apologise for my ignorance.

Hi @Ketch! Here's a excellent video on hooking up a second monitor such as a TV.

well you can stop the screen saver on the pc, and that will fix that , if you need help on that, just tell me wich windows you have ,like windows 7 or 8 or 10 .

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Hi! A screen shot would really help. One of what's on the TV, and one of what's on the computer! Also can you describe what you mean by a screensaver?? Thank you! I think you are saying you don't see the same thing.What do you see when you press the windows logo Key +P


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Windows logo key ! +P on key board!;):)

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