Connection to television stopped working


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Can anyone help with this please. My connection via a cable ( sorry dont know the name of the plug type) was working then stopped. The tv screen shows the screensaver from the computer, even when its you tube showing on the computer screen. Evidently some info is getting across the cable, but its not the screen saver I want to watch.
Thankyou in advance and \I apologise for my ignorance.


well you can stop the screen saver on the pc, and that will fix that , if you need help on that, just tell me wich windows you have ,like windows 7 or 8 or 10 .
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Hi! A screen shot would really help. One of what's on the TV, and one of what's on the computer! Also can you describe what you mean by a screensaver?? Thank you! I think you are saying you don't see the same thing.What do you see when you press the windows logo Key +P


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I am sorry to say so but you've definitely bought a bad tv. You should have got HelpToChoose 70-inch TV because it is pretty expensive and buying a bad TV is the worst investment you can make. That's why you should try to be careful and think forward.


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Pretty sure it isn't your TV, if it was you wouldn't have an image on your TV that comes from your Computer. If you are seeing the computer screen saver on the TV it is receiving a signal.

If you have multiple places that the HDMI cable can be plugged into your Computer try switching the cable to the other one most video cards have two HDMI ports. Did the images swap on the TV and Monitor? This is a pretty safe test because you can just switch them back if it doesn't display correctly.


Go into Display Settings by right clicking on your desktop.
Have it "Detect" the screens available to use.

Click Identify and see what number your Monitor is.

Scroll down and select "Duplicate these devices".

You should see the same thing on both screens.

If you don't, try the setting extend these displays and see if anything happens.

If you are still seeing the same thing on your TV but not your monitor for some reason one of your HDMI connections isn't responding to the settings.

Update your video drivers to the latest ones.

Search for "My 2 HDMI connections on my computer aren't displaying the same thing?"

I've never seen that happen, so I have no idea what's going on.