Windows 10 Constantly corrupt downloads since 8.1

I've gone through a lot of operating systems, but ever since upgrading to 8.1, I've had corrupt downloads. This caused me to downgrade back to Windows 7; this as well fixed the corrupt downloads issue. Now that Windows 10 has been released, I've downloaded & installed it on my computer. Problem is, the corrupt downloads are back.

Notes: This is a fresh install of Windows 10, literally just updated from Windows 7. I am on wireless; wired is not an option for me. The problem never occurred on Windows 7. The problem started on Windows 8.1, and is still in Windows 10. I have looked online for many hours and found certain solutions including memory diagnostics, sfc /scannow, and even going out to buy a new wireless adapter; none of these helped.

I am now really enjoying Windows 10, but this problem is and has been plaguing me for almost a year, now.

Picture to prove (as of 07/29/2015):

Just did a check on my router; it's up to date and nothing is wrong with it. Rebooting it did nothing, as well. My router is an RT-AC68U.

Yet another update, this time a much smaller file (62 MB).

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