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Using Outlook 2007 under Windows 10
I had to check/repair Windows 10 a few days ago and since then have not been able to select my email contacts by typing the first letter into the SPACE following 'To', 'cc' etc.
My Contacts list is up to date and I get it if I click on the 'To' icon they are available for selection. However with several hundred contacts this is time consuming.
Entering the first letter or two in the space previously gave me the opportunity of selecting the addressee I wanted.

Hi Dullstroom.
Make sure that the Use Auto-Complete List to suggest names when typing in the To, Cc, and Bcc lines box is checked.


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I have only just started using MS Outlook, (2016) , for the first time, but I am sure this might be a guide:
Select Tools / Address book,
Your contacts Should be listed there.
Which address book is being displayed? If there are no address books showing, select Tools / Options. There you can change which address book to show first. , if there is one! It will then set it as the default. You may need to restart outlook, or even restart the computer, to establish it.

I cannot reproduce the picture in the earlier post, but it mat be specific to 2007

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Many thanks for your prompt reply. I find that this is now working - to some extent. It will pick up the email addresses of these I save sent during the last few days (probably since I 'repaired' Windows) but doesn't display all names from my contacts list for me to select from.


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As Davehc says, you want to make sure that you are picking up the correct contacts list. If you used a Microsoft Account to login into W10 and not a Local Account, you will have your Microsoft Cloud contacts in there as well as the static contacts list from your .PST file in Outlook2007. You need to see which of those is more complete, and copy contacts manually from one to the other, whichever one has the Master copy of all your contacts you wish to use and setup that contact list as the default as mentioned above. You can also attempt to do an import from a backup .PST file you have on external media back into your existing .PST file and see if all your contacts are there. Once there, you'd have all or most of your contacts in your .PST file for auto-fill-in on the addressing box lines; e.g.: "TO", "CC", & "BCC".

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In Outlook2007 the autocomplete list is stored in a .NK2 file. If you open explorer and search for *.nk2 it should locate the file or files. They should be in your userprofile. If you have multiple move the smaller files and rename the largest file to match that of the nk2 file with the newest modify date. Then press [Windows key +r] and type outlook /importnk2 It should import the correct file and your auto complete should be larger.

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