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    Shortly after installing Windows 7, my control panel began returning an error upon trying to open it.

    Now, every time I try to access the control Panel, I get this:

    "Runtime Error!

    Program: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\DllHost.exe"

    I press ok and get "COM Surrogate has stopped working"

    and it sits there till it prompts me to send problem to M$

    Then if I go to Control Panel Again, it works, but if I click "All Control Panel Items", I get a repeat of the issue, but if I click it again, it actually works. In all this, the control Panel Windows never close. The first time, it is blank, so I have to reopen it, but then, everything is there, though I still get the error as outlined above. Weird.

    I now I am in Control Panel, and it works, but once I close it and reopen it, I am back where I started with the error.

    Any ideas? I found some information online refering to the COM Surrogate error when viewing folders with videos in them, but I don't have that problem. Some said Nero could be the problem, so I uninstalled my Nero 7, but I believe I put Nero 7 on after the error started occuring. I even used the Nero 7 cleaner to completely remove.

    My computer:
    Asus A8n5x
    AMD X2 3800+ @ 2.45Ghz
    4x1GB A-DATA DDR400 RAM
    Nvidia 8800GT 512MB video
    Western Digital 640GB (primary)
    Western Digital 160GB (backups)

    Got it.

    It was adobe CS3 causing the problem. Went to C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\Adobe Version Cue CS3\Server\bin and renamed VersionCueCS3.cpl to something else.

    What a silly issue!
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