Corrupted File in Movie Maker

I have been editing a movie in Windows Movie Maker..
I completed it and saved it in a folder but when I go to open it again in Movie Maker the clips all have big red "X"s in them and when I push play it seems to be playing with the timer counting but there is no picture or sound. The program itself seems ok as it will play other MSWMM files stored in the same folder. I had opened this file, done a minor edit then saved it. Has it been corrupted when I did this? What should I do now?


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All support of XP has ended. No one knows what it will cause, some thoughts and opinions you can read at

You need to upgrade, to at least Windows 7.

Not that no one would like to help you, but traffic through your computer may be hazardous. New security solutions are not supported by XP.

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