Cortana need work to compete with Seri!


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I've complained about Cortana not playing my music, and not knowing where I live no matter how many times I tell her.

But this is a new one, the one thing that she would always do was tell me a joke.

Now whenever I ask her to tell me a joke she just opens a web page about jokes, there is no verbal response.

She will tell me where I'm at if I open the map app first and then set my home location there, but I have to do that everytime I boot my computer.

Why can't I tell the mapp app where I live and have it remember it?

That's the problem with the Microsoft apps, they are so simple that they leave out the stuff you need like being able to set a home location on the map.

All they would need to do is let you right click on a location and select "Set this as my home location." but they just don't have an option to do that.

Now, it does show my home location, but it always identifies a different location as my home, and I have to select my actual location each time I boot my computer.

Even then Cortana gets my home address number wrong though it's correct in the map app.

She does reasonably well with basic web searches and weather reports, but if I ask her to open my mail she ask, "Open which app?" and tell her to open Windows Mail just gets the same question again.

She won't open Mozilla Thunderbird either.

It seems that I keep losing functionality, she worked better in the early builds then she does now.

I'm going to try rebuilding her and see if that helps when I get the time, but that's not easy to do either.



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Hi Mike I was just checking my Cortana out after reading your post. I am not having all the problems you are. My music plays just fine when I ask and maybe that is because I use windows media player. My mail opens up just fine when I ask it to and my location is right except for my street address. The street address has me living on the other side of town. I have the same problem in both my computers. I don't know the answer as to why you are having all the problems. I hope that you can get it to work.

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