Cortana needs some new jokes!


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I'm bored today and don't have anything to do, so I was listening to Cortana's jokes hoping to hear a new one.

She really needs a bigger joke data base.

Microsoft should have a contest... and have people submit short jokes, to build up the data base to that you don't get the same joke over and over.

There could be a data base of 100,000 or so and then she wouldn't repeat the same ones all the time.

My suggestions...

Today I went to join an exercise class, and they told me that I should wear loose clothing.
I told them, If I had loose clothing, I wouldn't need an exercise class!


I have been told that the word "Vegetarian" is derived from an American Indian word meaning, "Bad Hunter!"


Hi friend! Good idea! The thing I like about Cortana, is she is a instant dictionary and will help me spell a word.
Have you tried that yet?? Ask her how do you spell thorough. I always have a problem with that word even with spell checker.:rofl:
I never get bored on this forum. It's a great forum. Always something to read or do here. whoosh keeps me entertained when there aren't any issues to help with!

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