Could anyone point me to a list of games that support.....?


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I just got a new monitor this week. LG 25UM58-P with a 2560x1080 resolution.
Could anyone point me to a list of games that support this resolution size?


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Thanks kemical. I just pasted the article into Word for saving. I'll have to go through it thoroughly later today after my doctor's visit.


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I just downloaded all the tool's listed in the article, except for the one by Dante.
For that one it says you have to disable the SecureBoot in the UEFI to use it. I don't exactly want to do that, so I'll just see what the other two programs do.
It will still be awhile before I really need to use them.
On my new pc, I'll need them. On this one, not so much. Limited space & limited games on this one.
The 2 Steam games I have already supports 2560x1080, so does Hydro Thunder Hurricane in Windows 10.
RBI Baseball 2015 doesn't in Steam.
I'll know more on the new pc, as I'll have all of my Steam, Origin, Uplay and Modern Games installed.

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