Windows 7 Counter-Strike Source Crashing with No Error Message

Discussion in 'Windows Games' started by Wallytundra, Jan 5, 2010.

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    Jan 5, 2010
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    I have been very frustrated with Windows 7 as ever since I installed it my CS:S crashes with no error message anywhere from 2 minutes - 30 minutes of playing.

    I would love any solutions on how to fix this or anyone having similar problems.

    I've downgraded drivers, upgraded drivers...nothing fixes it so far.

    I've verified game files, defragged, run as administrator and tried almost all possible combination's of CS:S settings.

    Here's my specs:

    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.99Ghz
    MOBO:Abit AB9 Pro
    Graphics: PNY Nvidia GeForce 9500GT 1GB
    HD:80GB Hard Drive
    RAM: 2x1GB DDR2
    OS:Windows 7

    Nothing is overclocked or overheating, RAM has been tested, tried plenty of different Video card drivers and my hard drive has been scanned for bad sectors with no errors.
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    I was havin trouble with my COD MW2 also crashing. Come to find out, I changed the resolution in-game to same as my desktop, and whoolah, no more crashing. Beings CS is so old, it may not support the widescreen resolutions.

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