Court of Public Opinion?


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That's subjective at best and depends on if one uses those apps in the first place. Personally I don't use those apps, but the touch screen does intrigue me and would really like to test one out. Either a laptop or an AIO.


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Personally, I really don't see the value of a Touch Screen Laptop.
I mean you have a touch pad right there in front of you anyway and who wants finger prints all over their laptop screen.
I think the real value of the true touch screen experience comes with the two in one devices where you can remove the screen from the keyboard (dock) and use it like a true tablet.


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I own a touchscree laptop. I never use the touchscreen. For a laptop it is a pretty useless feature - I think. On my tablets, that's a necessity.


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After considerable deliberation "We the Jury find that a Touch Screen for Laptops to be an unnecessary tool" The Jury is dismissed and thank you for your time and consideration. Job well done.