CPU Bottoming Out

Here's the low-down:

Winows 7 Professional 64-bit
Intel Core2 Duo 3.00GHz
ATI Radeon 3870 512MB
MSI P35 mo'bo

After installing the official release of Windows 7, my CPU will bottom out at 0% and the computer will lock up. I know its bottoming out because I have a Logitech G15 keyboard that can display my CPU percentage and RAM usage percentage.

This has happened three times since I installed Windows 7. It never used to happen on the RC, which I used since it was released. Immediately after installing Windows 7 I changed the power settings to NEVER turn off my hard drives. I don't see the use for that on a personal desktop, and since I run ALL of my programs from a second hard drive, there's no point for that to be enabled.

So after installing Windows 7, my CPU will just stop running, and the PC locks up. This commonly happens if I have let the PC sit for quite a while without using it. This morning, I went to use it after having slept about 7 hours, and the PC was locked up again, and CPU usage was at 0%.

Shaking the mouse brings the monitors back up, which are fine, and the desktop displays. But I can't get the task bar to come up (I have it set to automatically hide). The mouse bounces around just fine. But I get no response. So I hit CTRL + ALT + DEL, and after a couple seconds, the CPU starts to respond, popping up to 3-5% usage. But it never fully recovers. It continues to drop back down to 0% and the PC continues to freeze. I can get it to continue to pop back up to 3-5% usage, but it never retains that usage, thus the computer continues to freeze.

I dump the PC with the power button, and restart it. Boots fine, albeit the "Windows did not shut down correctly" message, and I can select to Start Windows Normally. Log in to my account, and poof, desktop is fine. I can use the PC like normal.

I've come to the conclusion I should just turn the PC off overnight, but I do all of my scheduled anti-virus scans at 3am. So I would like to leave it on. If anybody has ANY idea what is going on here, please let me know.

Oh, just as a little FYI, I was having this problem a while back when I was still using Vista Ultimate 32-Bit. :(

Thanks in advance!

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