Windows 7 Crackling/Static noise.


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Jun 14, 2009
Sound static/crackling

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my sound is acting strange since i've installed Windows 7.
(Ex-Vista user)


It's making static/crackling sounds when i listen to music, or play games anything that makes sounds is getting disturbed by some kind of interrupting sound that makes crackling sounds..

Things i've tried:
1. I tried switching the cables (bought new ones)
2. I tried different speakers
3. I tried 2 different headphones
4. I tried cleaning my computer (dust)
5. I tried to get rid of any disturbing devices (phones, radios)
6. I tried uninstalling my device (HD audio device) and test it, and reinstall it, and test it again
7. I tried a reset boot (holding button for few seconds)
8. I got rid of my webcam it contained a microphone.

System specs:



People who can't see the images:
Imageshack - specs2.png
Imageshack - specs3.png
Imageshack - specs4.png
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Dec 9, 2009
for now it seems to work...

if nothing goes bad, i won't have to return to this topic ^^

thank you very very much!!! :D


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Jul 27, 2012
Hi All,

When playing audio on my Windows 7 64bit RTM using my onboard Realtek ALC888 I get those weird popping/static/grating noises every 30 seconds or so.
When actively using the computer the problem intensifies.
I've installed numerous versions of the Realtek official Windows 7 64bit - no improvement.
After scouring the Internet, I've also tried messing around with the HPET setting in the BIOS (setting it to 32bit/64bit/disabled) - again, no improvement.
I've also went through the posts in this forum, while some people post pretty similar problems, I saw no conclusive solutions - if at all.
Let me state that otherwise, everything appears to be in excellent working order, all devices are recognized, the speakers are correctly recognized in the "Sound" AND the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" Control Panel applets.
This is slowly driving me nuts as you can imagine - listening to music and getting a loud "Crack!" all the time is, to put it mildly, annoying.
Any help/hint/pointer/advise will be greatly appreciated!
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