Creating a virtual CD drive


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I have tried to create a virtual CD drive using the Microsoft VCdControlTool. I copied the VCdRom.sys file to System32\drivers as specified, but when I run VCdControlTool, and click on Driver Control, I get the message "Cannot Open SCM:Access is denied. If I run it as Administrator, it shows the driver, but the button "Install Driver is grayed out.

Basically, I have a program that requires the CD to be inserted in the CD drive. I wish to avoid having to physically insert it every time I use the program.

Are there better apps to do this ? (Windows 7 Pro)


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Since posting the above, I installed a program called MagicDisk. When I try to run this program, nothing happens! ie It just doesn't load. I checked TaskManager and there is no sign of it running. I see it is a 2009 program, So I downloaded the Windows 7 install file, But still no luck.


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It sounds like you are attempting to defeat copy protection on the original Media. If this program is a Music CD or Movie CD, you are violating DRM copyright protection, and we cannot help you there. I've tried a number of these virtual CD or DVD programs and I've never seen one that actually works.



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The CD I want to put into a virtual drive is for a program I purchased called MS Combat Flight Simulator WWII Europe Series. I run it with no problems, but one has to have the physical CD in the CD drive. I just want to avoid having to load it every time I run the program. So I really just want a virtual drive letter available to put the ISO into!

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