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I have been having a problem with getting an error message when trying to open my Web Credential manager. Does anybody have an idea on how to fix it. I am stumped this has been happening for quite sometime.



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Hi Holdum333, I have tried that in the past and just did it again. Didn't work. I am not sure what the problem is. It showed it running and when I stopped it and restarted the apply button was grayed out.

Hi Sonny! I don't know of any thing else to try. You said it has been happening for a long time, so a restore point is probably not a option for you. W10 has a lot of ways to recover from problems. W10 is pretty new to me,but I haven't had any problems so far that I couldn't fix! I haven't tried the reset feature yet. There's also a in place repair install feature that requires the Media creation Tool. That would be pretty drastic but should work. I'm sure your aware of that feature. Did you use the Windows updates method to up grade to W10? I used the media creation tool.
If this is a big problem for you, you could try the repair install. Here's a link by Shawn Brink. In my book, he is one of the best!
The short way to describe a repair install is to plug the media creation tool in and then click on the setup file. This is supposed to restore W10 and not lose any thing but the window up dates. I have the flash, but the DVD should work also!
This tutorial will show you how to do a repair install of Windows 10 by performing an in-place upgrade without losing anything.

You must be signed in as an administrator to be able to do a repair install of Windows 10.

Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade - Windows 10 Forums


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Hi holdum, I never thought about the in-place upgrade. I will give it a try. I do have it on a flash drive Thank you. Don't know why I didn't think of that. This problem has been going on for over a year. Started in Windows 8.

Hi! Good luck! If the problem was there on W8 ; then in place might not work. Just thinking out loud. When you do a sfc /scannow; does it find any errors? I'm Just not familiar with that windows feature.

Hi Sonny! I'm trying to learn about this feature. Would this feature be controlled or affected by internet options settings?
Maybe set them to default! I don't use Internet Explorer. I like FF!


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Hi holdum, I use IE for just a few things but mostly use Google Chrome. I ended up yesterday doing a clean install. So far so good. Thanks for your help. Clean install was my last resort.

Glad you got it solved. Could you please explain what you mean by a clean install. I get all these confused!
If you're having problems with Windows 10 on your PC, you could use push-button reset to refresh or reset Windows.

Refresh your PC Fixes software problems by reinstalling the OS while preserving the user data, user accounts, and important settings. All other preinstalled customizations are restored to their factory state. In Windows 10, this feature no longer preserves user-acquired Windows apps.

Reset your PC prepares the PC for recycling or for transfer of ownership by reinstalling the OS, removing all user accounts and contents (e.g. data, Classic Windows applications, and Universal Windows apps), and restoring preinstalled customizations to their factory state.

The options above are great for what they are intended for, but you could also do a repair install of Windows 10 by performing an in-place upgrade without losing anything other than all installed Windows Updates.

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I used a flash drive and booted into it while restarting my computer. It will bring you to a screen where you can install win 10. You will have the choice of formatting your drive or deleting all the partitions and start from scratch. Not sure if I explained it quite right but it is along those lines. Not good at explaining this maybe someone else with more experience at this can come on and give a better definition of it.


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I should have said you need to burn an iso to the flash drive to use.

Hi Sonny! I understand now what you did. You started from scratch! Did you consider doing a repair install of Windows instead of restoring to factory?
This is the way I learn by asking questions! I have the flash and that's what you would use for the in place repair also! Hope I'm making sense. I'm not good at explaining things either!
Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade


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I tried the repair install but it didn't work that is why I went ahead and did a clean install.


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That wasn't to bad for me as I had all my files backed up and just a few programs to re-install.

Cool! I understand my friend! Now I'm wondering why the repair install didn't work. OH well! Hope it all works out for you!
Thanks @Sonny
PS I haven't tried the repair install, and hoping I never need it. I always have a back up image on a external drive. I use Macrium Reflect to create my images!


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Same here, I thought it would. Not sure why it wouldn't either. Thanks @holdum for your help.

Your welcome my friend! Thanks for your help. I have learned from you! That's why I'm here and maybe help others a little!
I'm sure we will meet again on the forum!

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