Ctrl and Fn keys are switched.

Title explains it all. I have no idea how this happened, so is there a way to fix this?

More Details: It changed how i do curtain operations (Such as copy-pasting) now required Fn for a Ctrl replacement, and Ctrl for a Fn replacement. So if i want to copy-paste, i need to use Fn + C, Fn + V. It's not very good when it popped out on my computer just to apply this.


Noob Whisperer
So I guess, we can assume that since you are talking about a "Function Key" (Fn), then we are talking about a laptop.
Have you checked your laptop manufacturer's website to see if there is a specific driver / software package relevant for your particular laptop?
Very often there is but without knowing any specifics about your exact machine, Manufacturer's Name, Model Name, Model Number, etc., it's difficult to offer any specifics.

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