Windows 10 Cubase 10 Artist crash from nowhere


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I apologise that this may be a long post but I will try to give as much info has I can. When using playback or record on Cubase I randomly get a 2 second freeze and then crash to desktop. I understand this could be a Steinberg issue but, I need to know if I have an issue with Windows or Cubase alone. I must stress I have emailed Steinberg but obviously they won't be able to get technical about Windows. I have noticed a random and rare crash to desktop when playing pes2019 but that could be a Konami issue. My gpu is on the latest driver and so is my Windows but I will post my details below with the drivers. I have noticed I am one update short with Cubase so I will be updating that. That aside, I really need to know if I need to be sorting something else out.

Intel i7 8700
32gb ddr4
Windows 10 Home 1909
OS build 18363.693
Amd 5700xt - Version 20.2.1
Rog Strix H370-F
Samsung SSD

One file may show out of date drivers but the other files show the crash when everything is bang up to date. Let me know if you need any more info.


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