D Drive is Access Denied after Windows 7 Reinstall

Greetings, this is my first post and I hope it is an easy fix for you, it is not for me :(.

I had a problem with Homegroups on my previous installation of Windows 7 that I could only resolve by reinstalling Windows 7 RC Ultimate. My computer has one hard disk that I partitioned to C: and D:, C: has the operating system and D: has my data. After reinstalling Windows 7, I tried to access D: but I received "Access Denied" error. In computer management, the drive is present, Windows can see it but it cannot access it.

Any help to enable me to access my D: drive would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.


Joe S

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You may have to share it or take possession of it.

Did you used software like acronis (or how was it clled) or other partition managers?

if so, then the answer is not the one you're gonna like because I got the same problem when partitioned my HDD and couln't access the partition I needed. The only thing that helped me that time was booting up win XP install and deleting the partition and making a new one instead (hell of a lot files I lost there, about 500 GB).

If the info there is worth it, then I suggest you go lazer blazing looking for programs related to partitions and try doing something about it, and may the google be with you.

If the info is something you can recover manually (download for example), then it's not worth spending hell of a lot of time restoring it, and may the formating god be with your hard drive.

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