Damn you, Microsoft

Surely this is precisely why we all have the opportunity to Beta test the OS before launch.
This is the feedback Microsoft are looking for to evolve and improve the system before launch.
Azhrei why don't you post this on the official Microsoft Windows 7 forum.:cool:

other applications

this is a function of the OS. This should be not a problem to do. I wonder if theres a security certificate issue that also needs to be addressed (sort of a DRM on 7), but I kind of doubt it.


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I'm not really sure I want to get involved in this but the OP actually stated (once you can extract the sense from the rant) he / she (sorry as an ignorant Englishman I don't know the sex of some of these "to me" foreign sounding names) wanted to do was to "Video Stream" content around the house.
I'm a guy from Ireland, let's not have any gender confusion here ;)

Someone else who hasn't been reading previous posts! I have done exactly that, and despite numerous views of the topic, a grand total of absolutely nobody has replied.

kevin from Chi-town said:
I wonder if theres a security certificate issue that also needs to be addressed (sort of a DRM on 7), but I kind of doubt it.
That's possible... but I also doubt that. I have exactly the same network setup under 7000 as I had under 6801 - the only change I can see is that they've gotten rid of the co-owner privilege. Why on earth would they do that? The average Windows user isn't going to go trawling through the Permissions and Security tabs, so I doubt Microsoft removed it to improve security. Maybe my copy might be damaged or something... or maybe it could be the installation poltergeist. You know, how every install of Windows is different, some things happen in one install that won't happen in another... ;)

I wonder if Microsoft will be receptive to the idea of using the key they gave me on another installation...

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I'm not looking for a fight, but I must agree 100% with Azhrei. If he wants to set up a minimum security network like was available in XP and all previous Windows OS's, why shouldn't he be able to? Microsoft should have learned from Vista what happens when businesses are told they must do it their way - they stop buying computers! Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. are all offering free downgrades to XP Pro on their business machines, because that's the only way to sell new computers to American industry.

What's going to happen when Windows 7 is released with even more restrictions (for their own good) on what users can do? We have 100+ Dell pc's (all with XP Pro), and just like with Vista, management will call the Dell Account Rep and demand XP Pro on any new units. Users are not going to go through what Azhrei has to network with another machine.


i agree that he should be able to do it, but it seems that homegroup/workgroup seems to be an issue with this BETA for some. And your point about companies downgrading to XP is irrelevant because all MS has to do is to stop offering XP and its support. If 7 comes out stable, I'm betting the ranch thats exactly what MS does.
Remember...this is a beta!

your point about companies downgrading to XP is irrelevant because all MS has to do is to stop offering XP
I know of at least two deadlines set by Microsoft to stop offering XP, both since passed, and XP is still available (and probably will be until the release of Windows 7). Microsoft should be focusing on giving people the simplicity they want. I make a living in the IT world, and while Windows 7 is a very impressive OS, I predict that in it's present form, just like Vista, the media will absolutely kill Windows 7 before it is ever released.

The people in Redmond probably never heard of KISS. Too bad.

Azhrei is my hero

I cannot express enough how much I agree with every single word Azhrei has posted. In fact, I have registered just to post this. It is enraging for me (someone who knows computers extremely well and who knows every single XP and some Vista services, tweaks, and registry settings and hacks by heart), to not be able to network my 7 with XP. Ridiculous. I am triple booting XP/7/Arch Linux on my laptop and both XP and Arch can access my home network (and yes, Arch took a little longer to get right). On XP, I just changed the workgroup to MSHOME and boom, every single shared folder/drive on my other 3 PCs are accessible and I have full admin rights to them. I boot into 7, and I have nothing. Actually, the best I can get is ping my other PCs via their Local IP or computer names, but that's it.

What has personal computing come to when I have to spend longer trying to make a video playable over a network than actually watching the video? Actually, I might just give up completely and hope this garbage is sorted out so the final build of 7 can be usable. If not, it will be another 4 years of XP for me. Heck, I can get a tiny version of XP to install to 137MB with SP3 and it is more usable, flexible, and intuitive than anything I have seen so far from the current generation of Windows OSes. My god, its easier to network my PS3 in GAME OS for media sharing or with Gentoo in OTHER OS, than it is with 7. To drive the point further, OSX has an easier time to see my XP shared folders/drives than 7 has. Imagine that!?

Thank god Microsoft isn't the only player in the game...

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first of all...

`welcome to the crowd. Second...its a beta. And while MS should have this networking/shares issue downpat, they don't. But thats by design. This should come as NO surprise to anybody thats ever dealt with MS. Every product that comes out as a revision or upgrade has its bugs. MS is famous for taking a perfectly running application...rearranging it...and messing it up! This is how they make money with tech support. But I digress....the homegroup (which is only allowed on PCs that are running win 7) should have been left on the drawing board, or in the garbage.

Were you saying Darn You MS when you were running ME and a XP beta came out?

Calling this a bug is a severe understatement. MS chose to go in this direction, it didn't just happen. They went out of their way to make networking a severe pain in the arse. I am perfectly fine with the new homegroup stuff, but that's for 7 only PC's, which doesn't apply to most consumers, or me for that matter. Introducing new stuff is welcome, but keep the tried and true stuff that worked before! Networking should be a standard.


It is a standard...and for most there isn't a problem. I'm sure that MS is catching an earful for the homegroup idea, however this can all be circumvented by using workgroup.

I'm not sure of the "Usefulness" of the Home Network. "Classical Networking" just works fine if it's set up properly.

Actually if you need a Server then forget Windows -- use a FREE Linux distro -- minimum resources and it doesn't even need a terminal connected to it -- use a remote computer. Set up shares with SAMBA -- OK .

However you do need a bit of work to set it up correctly and perhaps its not for the faint hearted.

For a typical home network with 2 - 4 computers then Windows Networking usually works if you follow all the steps correctly.

As the Homegroup only works between windows 7 machines it will probably tak a LONG LONG time before computers are all updated to Windows 7.



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A few friends of mine recently installed the beta for their own media pc, after previously having Vista on there. I don't know why they switched, but days later, when I went back up, I saw that they'd gone ahead and gotten rid of it, installing Ubuntu instead. When I asked why, they said they'd had so many headaches as a result of 7's networking that they got sick of it. Now, these guys are serious computer nerds. Two of them are programmers in their day jobs, and the third is a networking consultant in an IT company, and all of them have been using computers for a very long time.

If they're saying that 7 has networking issues, then you can believe it.

YYYayy finally i can have a OS more secure and safe to navigate through web,and it all easy to use,it just makes no sense microsoft release a new Software less secure or the same as the older!!!
Win7 FTW cant stand those linux users bugging me about Ms security vul...
finally Ms got to the point BULLS EYE!!!!!!!!
nice lookin,fast and safe what more can i ask? all icon based.....and as some friends said, if you know what your doing its not that big deal,you making a storm in a small bucket!!
BTW sorry bout the bad english ,its not my native lang...
Cheers Ms users and Congratulations from the Steve Ballmer biggest fan!!!!

Glad to hear it's easy for some people :). I still don't understand why the sharing options require knowledge of sub atomic nuclear reactions and also prerequisite an experience level of over 9000, but after working at it with a hammer I think I finally fixed what Microsoft has been getting wrong since Vista. It's a " turn sharing on " button.

Ok, jokes aside, once 7 is fully configured to share, it works like a dream. It just takes a few unnecessary steps to get there.

LMAO Word up!!
that word describes exactly how im feeling after Win7 released "Works like a Dream" nuttin else to say!
Cheers buddy

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