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I am going to do a clean install of Windows 7. On my HD I have a Recovery partition that was installed by the PC maker. I have my Vista disk and do not need the recovery partition. My question is this: When I perform the clean install and at the Windows 7 screen that is entitled "Where do you want to install Windows?" it will show my main(C) and the recovery partition(D). On that screen if I click on "Drive options(advanced)" and choose to delete the recovery partition and then delete the main (C) so it will just show all unallocated space, will that procedure allow me to recover the space from the D: partition and then select the unallocated space that is left and continue with the installation? This is my first post and am glad to be part of what seems to be a great community. Thanks for everyones input.


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It should work that way unless the recovery partition has some type of protection. Some partitions like that are hidden, so you can't normally see them without special software. If you are sure it is the recovery partition then you should be fine.

You could also just format the D: partition and resize it in Windows 7 using Disk Management.

Some folks feel you can do that and still use an Upgrade version of the DVD because the install checks for a prior OS prior to that point. I am still a little wary and would like more proof.

Is there any chance you could buy a new hard drive and keep the old one just in case?
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