Demoting Your Account with Your Account

So currently I was promoted from a standard user to an administrator, and now wish to demote myself using my administrator account. Is this possible? I tried going into Accounts in PC Settings, but there was no tab to manage accounts. Should I go to the control panel, or do I have get the original computer admin (the account that is made when the computer is first turned on out of the box? All of the accounts in question here are local accounts, and are not using/connected to Microsoft accounts.


Noob Whisperer
Should I go to the control panel
You've got it. Within user accounts in the control panel "Make changes to your user account" you should see a link called "Change your account type"
That should do it.
Of course be absolutely certain your account is not the only Administrator account you have access to on your computer or you'll end up creating some difficulties for yourself.

Did that, but now I have install rights without it saying I'm an admin in UAC, but accomplished what I wanted.


Noob Whisperer
Did you log off and log back in to get the new access token.
You may even want to reboot to see what things are impacted.

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