Windows 7 Desktop icons don't run program on 1st click


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Is there a place I can check why one program takes so long to load when I keep clicking the icon in Windows 7. Some load right away some don't.
My first thought is that some programs are bigger than others and may take more time to load. Please provide us with examples of ones that run fast and one that run slow?
Its not a matter of slower loading but clicking the icon and nothing happening. Eventually clicking a few times or right click and open to get the program to load.

My wireless icon also loads pretty slow. That might be another issue for me. I don't know.
there is no way of knowning if "something happens" when you double-click the icon. if you click a lot on the icon, multiple instances of the program are opened which slows the process down even more.

so again: without an example, we can't tell you if this is normal or not.
Desktop Icon Weirdness

I agree with confused. Something is definately weird with the desktop icons.
If I have been working with a window, and then try to activate any icon on the desktop with a double-click,
-nothing happens. Wait......nothing happens.....wait more....nothing happens.

It seems that I have to click on the icon once to select it (has the box around it), then I can double-click
and I get and immediate response. This can be quite frustrating.

I don't you are imaging it 'confused'.:confused:
Same issue here - icons work for a while but at some point NONE of my desktop icons work by a mouse double-click. The only way I can open an app linked by a desktop icon is to right-click and choose OPEN.

For reference I'm using a ThinkPad W500 that was upgraded from Vista Ultimate. Same issue with built-in touch-pad and an external mouse.