Desperate for Help With Lag Issues

My desktop computer has been progressively slowing to a crawl. I just upgraded my RAM to 6 GB and I haven't noticed much improvement (probably a waste of money all things considered). I have repaired the MBR, which I have had luck with in the past. I ran a disk check, seemingly fine. Used system restore to return to as far back as possible and the problem persists. I am beginning to wonder if its a hardware issue, like my CPU is worn out or something of the sort. Anyway I am going to post my system specs in hope that someone will have a starting point to fix how obnoxiously slow my computer has become.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+
6 GB DDR2 @ 315 MHz
ASUSTek Computer INC. NARRA Motherboard
384MB EVGA GeForce 8800 GS
250 GB Western Digital WD25
SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio

Anyway, its annoying that even trying to open the explorer to view files and what not bogs the computer to a crawl. Any help is greatly appreciated


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A couple of things to check. First, empty all temp files, folders, internet folders etc. An app such as CCleaner can help with this chore. Second, check to see what and/or how many apps are starting with Windows. It seems that all apps you install automatically load themselves at startup as they are "so important". I use What's In Startup and disable all the junk. I have exactly 4 apps starting with Windows, My Touchpad app, My wireless mouse app, my Av/AM app and my S/W firewall. That's it. I do not let anything else start

. WhatsInStartup.jpg

I have tried similar things. I used msconfig to disable most of everything at start up. I think maybe my issue is caused by something else. For instance, even if I boot the computer, leave for several hours and come back, it runs fine for a period of time but I will randomly experience significant lag spikes. ALSO an instance, if I am playing a game that taxes the computer a fair amount such as Starcraft 2, it runs very smooth most of the time but will spontaneously lag. But this isn't true of just games, it happens when just using Windows for miscellaneous things like exploring folders, opening a browser etc.


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It's possible you are having a hardware issue. You might want to install an app such as HWMonitor to check voltages and temps. You might try to reseat everything, including the CPU (be sure to replace the heat transfer paste between the CPU and heat sink) I would pay particular attention to the PS voltages. It is possible the PS is under powered for the set up after your upgrades. These type of problems can be difficult to track down.

I'll see what I can find out with that program. I really appreciate the help.

I ran HWMonitor. I didn't find any issues using that. Any more ideas? Also it seems that booting Windows is slow, a black screen shows for quite a while before the login screen appears.


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I saw a computer once that someone had gotten of the net and he was complaining about the computer being slow. It wasn't until I actually saw what was happening that I realized he wasn't just over exaggerating.

It turned out it was one of the Anti-virus combo utilities. In this case, Norton.

But if the system is not preforming as expected, use task manager, resource manager, or performance manager to try to track down what is causing the problem.

If you see something, post back. These things are hard for someone that does not have access to the system to diagnose.

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AVG is another troublesome AV program I dumped it years ago. If you had different AV software in the past go to the makers site and download the uninstall/cleanup utility. Make sure you only have one AV installed. Sometimes it comes bundled in other things like firewalls and antispyware programs. Post a list of your security software and see if anybody notices any problem makers.

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