Did Windows update--Now lost Microsoft Professional Pro


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I did a routine shut down of my computer so Windows 10 could update. When my computer rebooted my Microsoft Office Professional Plus became non-functional. It says I need to activate with a key. I purchased and installed the program online last fall. I've never had any issues with it.

Because this is on my new computer since that time, and I purchased the program on my old computer I haven't been able to locate my original key on several external hard drives I keep. I'm confused as to how Windows 10 and Microsoft work with each other and have no clue how to trouble shoot this.

Also, Windows also forced me to select a security pin in order to get into my computer. I'm the only person who ever uses my computer and previously had purposely NOT DONE THIS. I want to pick up my laptop and just use it.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting this will be greatly appreciated.


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the best way to fix the pin issue is to roll back to a build of Windows 10 that allows netplwiz... this is why my work laptop disabled updates

as for the office, its because your account still has the old computer listed and your options are;
buy another copy, remove the old computer from your office account, find the old email with the license, use some other software instead [this is what i do now] or some how use the old computer to run office i.e, make it a V-system inside the current one