Different pricing in different countries

If I was able to pay US$119 for the upgrade to home premium I'd be perfectly happy. The retail list price here in Australia is AU$199 which at current exchange rate equates to US$183.47. Microsoft claim that this is because of shipping and taxes and I'd swallow a small increase for that, but 54%? Does anyone know whether there are issues with installing a US bought copy in another country? Ebay lists copies for quite reasonable prices and they ship internationally. I'm thinking of sticking with the RC for a while ot see if they equalise their pricing a bit.

seems like MS is experimenting on how many way they can rip people off. I don't know about your question. Although it seems like any english version would be pretty much the same. There should be one price for any product and if you like to have return customers than you had better provide shipping at reasonable rates.

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