Windows 10 Disable Tap to click or Tapping


Apr 5, 2017
I have a generic touchpad and need to turn off tap to click or tapping. Anyone know how to do this?
anaylor01 … welcome to … weekend is almost here.

pls indicate model-name/number of your computer … explain if you have upgraded any of the hardware … also detail what you have replaced the touchpad with (mouse or mouse/keyboard-combo) … also have you been doing all win-10 updates religiously?

someone will come along to advise/assist.

you posted question regarding the touchpad and not touch-screen, anaylor01.

i would look at win-10 pc-settings … from there go to devices … then down to "mouse/touchpad" … finally, click "additional mouse options". this should bring up the mouse-properties interface.

study your mouse-properties interface and see if it allows you to disable the touchpad. for instance … mine offers the user to disable touchpad if a usb-mouse is attached. another feature my touchpad offers is temporarily disable … just by dbl-clicking in top-left corner … but this could be a proprietary toshiba feature.


you could also look in the win-10 device-manager … probably would offer the same interface.

one other option … ask the manufacturer of your product … whereas they give you contact-info specific to your needs.. pls access their support-webpage at:

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