Windows 10 Disable the option to reset pc from lock screen? help!


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Feb 8, 2022
I cant seem to find the answer to this question (title) but a family member keeps messing with me ressetting my pc without using my password only from the lock screen. Is there any way to disable that option so the only way you can reset the PC is using a administrator password?? and is there even a way to disable??? (first thread btw so idk how this works)
If you haven't set a password for the built-in Administrator, all recovery and reset options can be used without a password by Shift + Clicking the Restart button on the lock screen, even if all other administrators have passwords. Set a password for the "Administrator" account, and passwords (this one or another administrator) will be required before using recovery options.

Open Command Prompt as administrator and input net user Administrator *
Enter a new password. It could be the same as another administrator account, but preferably not the same as your standard account.
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