disable windows previews.


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there is something that i want to disable but don't know where to.

when you hover on a tab in the taskbar there is a little windows preview.
the preview is fine, but when you hover on the thumbnails preview, all windows
is minimized and the focus goes to that window.
that's what im looking to disable, can you help please? :)


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The only way I know of to disable it is to disable Aero all together.
That means no more "glass" look, anywhere, and no previews at all.


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giving up on aero?

you mad.

no other way?

Unfortunately no there isn't another way that I know of either.. ;) You could try looking around the web and see if someone has come up with a hack to do what your asking, but I seriously doubt you'll find anything.. especially while 7 is still in Beta stages... Maybe by RTM there will be a way... we'll just have to wait and see.. ;)


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the answer lies in the registry, I'm sure.
well, I'll wait till somebody smarter than me figures it out.


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The others are correct. I messed around with the registry

I did get this effect, but it's probably not what you're looking for:

I have five Windows Explorer windows open and I got a listing of all the drives (no thumbnails,no Aero) but no preview window


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no, i like the thumbnails preview.
but the focus on the windows drive me crazy and really confusing.

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