Disk clean-up failed

I had to free some space space on disk C: using treesize and soon I realized that I don't have anything that I can delete from user side do much so I was looking at big files in Windows directory and put my eyes on DataStore.edb 1GB size. After searching an looking on internet I saw lots of posts and article saying that there's no harm just that I will lose updates history that can be remade. So to be safe, I moved the DataStore file to my PC in case i will need it. Now I had lots of free space but short after I was having a lot less free space than I had before! less than 1 GB and Windows is asking for a restart to install update.. Datasore.edb is now arround 8MB After checking a little bit, i think Installer and winsxs folder filled up. Can this be fixed somehow ? It will free up after restart ?

What could I do to fix this ?


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There is something else you can run that may help your situation. However issuing this command in an elevated command prompt (as administrator) will make currently installed updates so you cannot uninstall them.

dism /online /cleanup-image /spsuperseded /hidesp
Do you think windows is attempting to uninstall them ? I guess that by deleting the EDB file, windows update lost it's history and doesn't remember some installes patched, but I can also find some old updates when looking through windows history...so I'm really confused of what it want's to do
I searched for an update that should be made by restarting windows now and I found it on the PC with the last modified date in november..


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You definitely do not want to touch winsxs, these are the side by side assemblies for loading DLLs, COM objects, interfaces ect. You can download Disk Usage (DU) and run it against your whole disk Disk Usage Run it as du -l 1 C:\ Then repeat and target large directories to narrow down what's using up space. You may also have a hidden hibernate file which will be the same size as your RAM I tend to turn off hibernate to free up space. From a command prompt powercfg /h:0ff
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