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I have a problem in that the monitor displays browns instead of greys.

If I capture a screen which displays a black to white blend the grey is brown, display a screen capture on another computer it is the correct colour.

Monitor and cable is OK as tested on another computer and also tried another monitor on the faulty computer.

The computer W7 g4 bit home edition has an ASUS mother board with intel graphics 4400 – no graphics card.

Have installed the latest driver, I think as a little out of my depth:-((

Any suggestions on what to do?



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Brown means that there is no blue.
Is the text during boot up also brown?
If it is, the only conclusion is that the mobo is failing. In that case a graphic card may be the solution.

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The colours on boot up are OK, used a colour monitor program 'passmark' and it is only the greys on the screen that are brown all the other colours are OK.
This is a strange problem I could reload my wifes computer from a backup of a few months back -computer is only used for emails- or do a restore.
Thanks for responding


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If the colors on boot are OK then the MoBo is OK.

You are using Intel graphics, right click on the desktop background and you may see the option Graphics Properties, otherwise try finding such a control panel.
Look there for the brightness, contrast and specially the gamma settings of the three colors. With a correct gamma correction you can step from black to white with linear grey steps.

Try to reset it to default settings, this may solve your problem, anyway I hope it solves it.


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Thank very much it worked asked to restore default colours and it worked ctl alt f8 is all it took.
I must be getting old as missed that menu item.


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Great to hear that!!

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